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 Gah... I'm under attack k89 908|889

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Gah... I'm under attack k89 908|889 Empty
PostSubject: Gah... I'm under attack k89 908|889   Gah... I'm under attack k89 908|889 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2008 3:38 pm

I cant see all the forums yet... which is why I'm posting here... not the point...

Anyway... My new village at 908|889 is under attack
I just nobled it and got a message from the guy who it used to belong too... looks like someone was already sending a long range noble train to take it

its under attack from 908|889 but I have no idea what kind of offensive force is coming along with it

PS... anyone reading this with the power to do so... I'm in KWA and as you can tell from me posting here I can't see all the forums yet... Datapirate42 in game as well if you need to talk to me on there... please add me to the group or whatever it is you need to do
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Gah... I'm under attack k89 908|889
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